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Abodeely, Julie 5th Grade

Albano, Robert Psychologist

Albenda, Amy Occupational Therapy

Baron, Adrienne 2nd Grade – Twitter – @Ms_Baron
Barbosa, MariLou Paraprofessional
Bilden, Alissa 1st Grade
Block, Linda Occupational Therapy
Bolden, Clifford Paraprofessional
Bookman, Heidi Theater Arts
Bouillon, Clara 5th Grade
Bowen, Cliff 1st Grade – Twitter – @Mr_CliffB – class website
Buie, Anita Kindergarten – Twitter – @MsABuie
Buntley, Danielle 1st Grade – Twitter – @MsBuntley – class website (viewable by class members only – email Ms. Buntley to request access)
Byrnes, Karen  3rd Grade


Cabeza, Antoinette Paraprofessional
Cai, Jian hua Computers
Camastro, Maria Kindergarten – Twitter – @MariaCamastro

Caputo, Jackie 1/2 Self Contained

Carroll, Cristin 4th & 5th Grade

Chan, Jackie  3rd Grade – Twitter – @Ms_J_Chan

Chico Perez, Gloria Paraprofessional
Clarke, Sarah Paraprofessional
Cohen, Yael Occupational Therapy
Colon, Delia Social Worker
Crimmons, Christopher Paraprofessional

Cyphers, Jane  5th Grade – Twitter – @JaneSkates


Dalonzo, Ralph 1st Grade

D’Ambrosi, Theresa Science – Upper Grades (3-5)

Davis, Alonzo Paraprofessional
Davis, Taryn Paraprofessional
Deangelo, Adele School Aide

Degazon, Giselle 1st Grade

DeGennaro, Karen 1st Grade

Drew, Erica 1st Grade


Ellis, Fred Music – Twitter – @Mr_FEllisClass website


Fajgier, Sandy Kindergarten – Twitter – @MsSandyPS10
Fallon, Eileen School Aide

Festa, Rochelle SETTS/Resource


Garcia, Recina School Aide

Giovannitti, Julia Kindergarten

Glembocki, Christina 2nd Grade – Twitter – @MsGlembockiclass website

Gonzalez, Amanda Kindergarten

Gongalez, Sonia School Aide
Graham, Kate 2nd Grade – Twitter – @Class2309class website(viewable by class members only – email Ms. Graham to request access)


Hackett, Megan 3rd Grade – Twitter – @HackettMcMahon class website

Havlicek, Catherine Math Coach

Henderson, Deandra 5th Grade ICT – Twitter – @DeandraHenderso

Herubin, Jean 4th Grade

Hervey, Giovanna Psychologist
Hodge, Phyllis Paraprofessional


Ibrahim, Ekram Paraprofessional



Karamitros, Chrysi 2nd Grade – Twitter – @MaramitrosMs

Kay, Ann 2nd Grade

Kaye, Annika Pre-K at PS 280

Kertesz, Michele 4th Grade ICT – Twitter – @MsKerteszclass website (viewable by class members only – email Ms. Kertesz to request access)

Klotz, Emily 1st Grade ICT

Konstalid, Michael Physical Therapy


Langford, Danielle Paraprofessional
Lorenzo, Aleris School Aide

Lynch, Phiona 4th Grade ICT

Lyristis, Zoi School Aide


Magliano, James 5th Grade

Mancini, Megan 5th Grade

Marsh, Mercedes Paraprofessional
Martinez, Lucy Paraprofessional
Martinez, Stephanie Paraprofessional

Mazzella, Virginia Health Coordinator/Busing

Mazzola, Maryanne 3rd Grade – Twitter – @Ms_Mazzola

McCormack, Maura 4th Grade – Twitter – @Ms_McCormack

Medina, Lilliana Paraprofessional

Mey, Jannet 2nd Grade

Mills, Kristin 4th Grade
Mojica, Nellie Paraprofessional
Montemarano, Robert Paraprofessional


Napolitan, Chris Literacy Coach

Noll, Frank Occupational Therapy


O’Connor, Brian 3rd Grade

Oramas, Fran 4th Grade

Oramas, Giovanni Guidance Counselor


Paul, Rosalind Paraprofessional
Pinder, Arturo Paraprofessional
Pritchard, Christina Paraprofessional

Pringle, Nicole 1st Grade


Quiles, Danielle Paraprofessional


Ramos, Julieann 2nd Grade

Reitzfeld, Guiliana 5th Grade ICT – Twitter – @GReitzfeld
Rendina, Susann School Aide

Reyes, Rosa 1st Grade – Twitter – @MrsRReyes

Rios, Mayra Kindergarten ICT

Rodriguez, Alfred Paraprofessional

Rodriguez, Maria Adaptive Physical Education

Roldan, Frances Family Worker
Romanova, Yelizaveta Paraprofessional
Rosenthal, Shereen Social Worker
Ross, Alise 3rd Grade ICT

Ross, Marlene Pre-K at PS 280

Roth, Dana Kindergarten ICT


Saddik Bastaros, Nagat Paraprofessional

Sahalon, Rachel Kindergarten

Scott, Laura Principal Twitter – @PrincipalScott

Seide Madeline Parent Coordinator Blog Twitter – @MaddySeide
Septien, Cristina Occupational Therapy
Shahjada, Mohammed Paraprofessional

Simmons, David 3rd Grade

Smith-Thomas, Chandra 1st & 3rd Grade SETTS

Suazo, Paul Paraprofessional
Swing, Margaret Paraprofessional

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Taveras, Claudia Paraprofessional
Thill, Geraldine Science Lower Twitter – @MsGThill

Treinen, Suzanne  Art – Twitter @MsSuzieArtwebsite Instagram: wemakeartatps10



Van Doren, Deborah 5th Grade – Twitter – @MsvanDorenclass website
Villalobos, Minerva Paraprofessional
Vining, Rachel Visual Arts
Venier, Maria Science – Twitter – @MsVenier

Velez, Jennifer 4th Grade

Viner, Yael Occupational Therapy


Waisome, Eustacio Computers – Kindergarten & 1st Grade

Wong, Janet 4th Grade ICT class website (viewable by class members only – email Ms. Wong to request access)

Wong, Wai Paraprofessional

Woo, Amy Kindergarten

Wynkoop, Matthew Kindergarten




Zoltowski, Regina 4th Grade