Sign-on to the PS10-K280 Community at Konstella
PS10’s New Communication Tool for Parents & Teachers

Dear Parents & Guardians,

Welcome to the 2016-2017 school year at PS10 and K280!

The PS10 community is growing fast! Our unprecedented growth, with more than 1200 students at two locations and an impressive number of events and activities that make our school unique, means we have a lot to talk about!

To help keep everyone informed in the most effective way possible, the PS10 Administration and PTA are now utilizing a new communications system called Konstella. This system will allow the PTA, your children’s teachers, and the school administration to reach the school community digitally and on the go. The system has many features which we hope that you will take advantage of such as committee signups, parent groups, class parent center, calendaring, and announcements.

To get started with Konstella, simply click which will take you immediately through the registration process. Note that the link is case sensitive and will expire on October 7th.  Alternatively, you may log on to the website at, select ‘Find Your School’ in the upper right hand corner and start to type out ‘ps10’. ‘PS10-K280’ will automatically populate and you may proceed with the registration from there.

To register for the mobile app – download the iOS or Android App (konstella), tap on register, enter invitation code HlUbHm (note: that’s a lowercase l not a 1) and then tap on join in your confirmation email. Details on registering for the free service are also in your child’s yellow folder.

While we will still need to send home flyers, we hope that this new system will help ease the amount of paper used at school and streamline the number of emails you receive about PS10 events and initiatives.

We look forward to keeping you informed and helping our community grow!

Best regards,

Laura Scott, Principal
Donald Norwood & RoseAnn Ciarlante, PS10 PTA Co-Presidents
Jill Gandel & April Jenkins, Class Parent Committee Leaders