Now – Feb 24 – PreK Enrollment for children born in 2013 : Sign up here
Feb 14 – 5th Grade Bake Sale
Feb 16 – PTA Meeting in cafeteria 8:30AM
Feb 16 – Reading Under the Stars 6:30PM
Feb 20 – 24 – NO SCHOOL Mid-Winter Recess
Feb 28 – City Council Public Hearing re: Overcrowding in Public Schools, 10AM
March 3 – 4th & 5th Grade Talent Show 6PM
March 4 – 2nd & 3rd Grade Talent Show 1PM
March 14 – 4th & 5th Grade Science Fair 6-8PM
March 17 – New! PS10 Community Event: Pokemon Party 6PM
March 23 – Save the Date: Diversity workshop 6pm
May 12 – Save the Date: Grandparents Day at PS10!
May 20 – STEAM Fair 2017

*YOU are PS10 & we need your help! Donate an hour to help out:

PS10’s Got Talent Shows
– Take the creative lead on the back drop for this year’s shows! We’ll give you helping hands if you have the vision.
– Run the camera that is tied to our new system to record the shows for us.
– Sell tickets in the lobby at drop off Feb 27-Mar 3
– Donate food to our taco bar cafe. All kinds of donations needed. Contact RoseAnn.
Contact the parent volunteers to offer your help!

STEAM Fair Committee
The STEAM Fair is an outdoor festival of all things science, technology, engineering, arts and math. Check out this write up of last year’s event if you haven’t had a chance to attend STEAM Fair. This year’s STEAM Fair is on May 20th. Jump in early and help shape this great event by joining the planning committee and/or keep an eye on the Konstella sign up sheet as more volunteer opportunities will be posted. Contact the STEAM Fair Committee here.

Grandparents Day at PS10
Friday May 12, 2017 is Grandparents Day where we welcome grandparents to PS10 and celebrate their important roles in our children’s lives. Please have all grandparents save the date and we hope you join us on Konstella to help plan this great event.

Community Building Committee
Join the Community Building Committee which plans fun, free events for the PS10 community to enjoy, the first of which are: March 17 Pokemon Party & April 21 Family Fitness Event. We need your connections. If you or someone you know can donate the following, please contact Jessica:

– Looking for donations from Pokemon/Nintendo, Neergard Pharmacy, Game Stop, Brooklyn Game Lab, Target Corp. or people willing to make calls/email requesting donations.
– Donation of items found here
– Health & fitness businesses to solicit for sponsorships and/or help contacting businesses for sponsorships
– Referrals for parents that are fitness instructors to run circuits


Welcome to the 2nd week of the Read-a-thon!  We hope everyone is reading and keep track of their minutes.  This Thursday is the annual Reading Under the Stars free event from 6:30 – 7:30 pm.  Come and join us for a performance by an Indian storyteller, book swap (for parents too!), and bring a poem to read on the mic during the Poetry Slam.  Best of all, cookies and hot chocolate. We hope to see you all there!  Don’t forget to share your reading journey on Facebook, twitter and instagram!  #PS10Reads

Bienvenido a la segued semana del Read a thon.  Esperamos que todos esten leyendo y apunten sus minutes leidos.  El jueves va a ser el evento Leyendo bajo las Estrellas, es gratis y es de 6:30 – 7:30pm. Esperamos que todos nos acompanen en celebrarar nuestro amor por la lectura en PS 10.  Durante el evento tendremos actos por un cuentista India con galletas, chocolate caliente e intercambio de libros.  A su vez, a peticion popular tendremos el poetry slam donde los ninos pueden actual y recetar su poemas.  Esperamos verlos todos el jueves!  Comparte fotos de los niños leyendo en Facebook, twitter y instagram!  #PS10Reads


PS10 has teamed up with the New York International Children’s Film Festival again this year. For every ticket purchased, the PS10 PTA earns $3.

Tickets are selling quickly! NY Int’l Children’s Film Festival 2017 is just around the corner (February 24 – March 19th) and will be showcasing the best new films for ages 3-18. The Festival is packed full of fantastic film programs for your family and, even better, our school earns $3 back for every ticket you purchase!

To buy tickets and raise money for our school simply:

1.      Go to  

2.      Select our school from the “Select My School” Menu (IMPORTANT!!!!)

3.      Purchase tickets


* Public Hearing at City Council to address Overcrowding in NYC Public Schools

We need parents and educators to attend an important public hearing at the City Council to hear concerns and address overcrowding in our schools on Tuesday Feb 28 at 10am.

Please save the date and help us by gathering pictures, stories, examples of where you see overcrowding.  We need to bring this to life for people to understand how it affects our schools and kids.

If you can’t attend but have an example to share, please email

* Brooklyn’s D15 has an overcrowding problem that has been building for many years
* City planners estimate we need 3,000 more seats in D15; they are funded but there is no where to put them
* Moreover, as you may have seen, developers are building residential space much faster than the DOE is provided more public school seats: they can’t keep up
* Something needs to change to help school space keep up as well as deal with overcrowding that is already acute

Recent article on this issue here with links to other documents and City estimates.

WHAT: City Council Hearing to address overcrowding and examining what needs to be done
WHO: Public, attended by two City Councils and members of the media
WHEN: Tuesday Feb 28 at 10 am
WHERE: 250 Broadway (at Park Place) near City Hall
TRAINS: R, 4/5/6, 2/3


Save the Date: May 20, 11AM  – 4PM
STEAM Fair 2017 is an outdoor festival of science, technology, engineering, arts and math. Check out this write up of last year’s event to be reminded of why you should save this date on your calendar.

Join the planning committee to offer ideas and lend a hand in planning this year’s awesome event.


Increase the “Power of 10!” by donating to the PTA today!
The PS10 PTA is committed to spending $276,000 this school year—roughly $300 per student—to help enhance the educational experience of all PS10 students. Of that, more than $50,000 is spent each year on arts programming for the entire school. A few of those are the following music programs:

Brooklyn Conservatory of Music: The 3rd grade participates in the Music Partners Recorder Program. During these classes, students learn the art of the recorder playing as well as musical concepts such as staff notation, rhythm and note values, scales and technique. The grade will play together in groups at a year end performance. The PS10 PTA spends $2,500 each year to support this program.

Carnegie Hall: The 4th and 5th graders discover how composers and musicians play with elements of rhythm, creating patterns of sound and silence that are expressive and exciting. The students explore a full orchestral repertoire; they sing, play the recorder, compose music and finish by performing in a concert in Carnegie Hall’s Stern Auditorium. The PS10 PTA spends $2,500 each year to support this program.

Metropolitan Opera Guild:  In this program, students in grades K, 1st, 2nd & 3rd use opera as an artistic exemplar to discover arts learning opportunities. The teaching artists from the Guild connect classroom learning with libretto writing, music composition, staging, acting, singing, literary analysis and critical response; in addition, students have the opportunity to create, present and attend opera. The PS10 PTA contributed $35,000 for this program this year.

If every family gives just $10 this month, we’d be off to a great start on funding these programs. That’s the Power of 10!

All gifts are appreciated, whether they are  $10, $20, $50 or $100. Our goal is 100% family participation. Even small donations make a difference.

As always, we appreciate anything and everything you do for the PS 10 community, whether it’s in the form of time, money, attending school activities, or all three. If you do wish to make a donation, go to New York Charities or drop off your contribution in the PS 10 PTA office (inside the cafeteria). Don’t forget to check with your employer about matching your donation!


On the 10th of every month the PS10 Development Committee checks in with more Power of 10 ideas; meanwhile remember that no contribution or random act of kindness is too small—ever!