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Read-A-Thon Introduction

Dear PS10 Families,

From Friday February 3 to Friday, March 3, PS 10 will host the Read-A-Thon. This year we hope that the school reads a Half a Million minutes together (500,000)!

Here’s how the Read a Thon works:

1. Set a Daily Reading Goal
Students set a reading goal for the Read-a-Thon. All time spent reading outside of school should be recorded. Time spent by parents or others to read aloud to a student counts, too!

2. Secure Sponsors
Everyone is encouraged to participate whether they raise funds or not. But please consider contacting friends and family members who might want to support your avid reader. The funds we raise help the PTA to fund important enrichment programs and purchase essential supplies for our staff and school for the benefit and educational growth of all our students.

Students are encouraged to share their reading goal with family and friends and ask for a donation to support their efforts. Sponsors can either choose to donate per minute read OR to give a flat donation. Please go to the Read-a-Thon link on the PS 10 website for a sample letter AND video asking for donations.

Students should record all donations whether by check or an online donation on her/his donation logs (in folder). This year, it’s really easy for donors to make online donations by clicking on the Read-a-Thon link on the website. Just be sure to remind the sponsor to put your child’s name in the “In honor of” box. Checks should be made payable to ‘PS 10 PTA’.

3. Track Reading Time
Read! Read! Read! Students mark off how many minutes they read each day on their reading log. Students can count books, magazines, and articles! We will be sending weekly emails with ideas about books and family reading ideas.

4. Share your book ideas!
Take a picture of the book your child reads and post it in our instagram page @ps10reads, read our twitter updates on @ps10reads, like us and add comments on our facebook page at, Tag #ps10reads EVERYWHERE you post.

5. Turn in Log and Donations
Students need to bring their Read-a-thon envelopes containing their completed reading log, donation log and checks to their teachers by Monday, March 6th.

Thank You PS 10 Students!
Reading and fundraising are hard work! To thank our students, we have several incentives to encourage the students to read more. The class in each grade that reads the most minutes will get a prize! There will also be prizes for classes who raise the most money for the Read a Thon. Prizes will also be given to individual students per grade who read the most and who raise the most money.

Let’s see how many minutes PS10 can read in a month!
Please direct any questions to
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Reading Strategies

Make this challenge fun for the whole family! Take a trip to the library and stock up on books that interest your child. Encourage and praise your child as they participate and engage in reading anything that is appropriate for their reading level. Articles in magazines, newspapers, comic books, and recipes in a cookbook all count!

For children in the lower grades, listening to adults or older siblings read counts as reading time. When reading with your child, ask recall questions about characters or details of the story in order to build his or her reading comprehension skills. Talk about the story and relate it to your child’s everyday life when possible.

For families with students in the upper grades, consider having them read in one room with others who are reading quietly — a family reading night! Or, try reading out loud as a family one night a week while rotating readers. Help strengthen your child’s reading skills by asking questions about his or her reading in terms of comprehension, recall of details, and discussing the book’s theme or ideas.

To parents, family members, and guardians, we encourage you to take the challenge of reading daily as well. Show your child that reading is important in your life too. When our children see us reading, they learn the value and joy of it. Have fun reading.
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Sponsorship Tips and Strategies

Sponsor your child in the Read-a-thon! You could also offer to match your child’s total collected donations or donations up to a certain amount. All donations are tax deductible!
Help your child write a handwritten letter or send an email to family, friends, and your colleagues using the template here on the PTA website. We also have an example of a video you can send!

Help your child approach at least 5 family members, friends, or neighbors. Use the talking points found in the sample letter below for guidance.

Ask more people for smaller donations of $5, $10, $15, and $20 in a check (made out to PS10 PTA) or online at this page,

Please let your sponsor know to put your child’s name in the “In Honor of” box so we can track your child’s fundraising efforts.

Help your child try to raise at least $50. The class that raises the most money will receive a prize!
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the dates of the Read-a-thon?

A: Friday, February 3 to Friday, March 3, 2017. Reading done before or after these dates is terrific, but is not counted toward the Read-a-thon.

Q: What does my child need to do to participate in the Read-a-thon?

A: Set a Read-a-Thon reading goal and keep track of the time he or she spends reading. While it not a requirement for participation, we encourage your child to solicit donations for their reading.

Q: My child cannot read yet on his or her own, can my child still participate?

A: Yes! Parents, guardians, siblings and other family members may read aloud to your child. This reading time counts toward minutes read.

Q: What counts for reading?

A: Any time your child spends reading outside of school time from Friday, February 3 to Friday, March 3th, 2017. This includes individual reading time and being read to aloud. Homework reading done outside of school time can be counted toward the Read-a-thon.

Q: Do I need special forms for the Read-a-thon?

A: Yes, a Read-a-thon Packet including instructions, a reading and donation log board, and an envelope for collecting the donations will be sent home with your child on Friday, February 3. A limited number of extra packets will be available in the office. If your child completes reading or donation log, they can get a a second copy from the PTA office or the by clicking here for the reading log and here for the donation log.

Q: Whom should my child ask to be a sponsor?

A: Sponsors can be parents, relatives, neighbors — anyone who has a connection to your child, would like to support his or her reading, and would like to support our school. This is a major fundraiser for the PTA where it is easy to ask extended family and friends to sponsor and donate to our school.

Q: How much money should a sponsor donate?

A: That is up to the sponsor. Sponsors can donate per minute read OR give a flat donation.

Q: When should the money be collected from sponsors?

A: The Read-a-Thon is over on Friday, March 3 and all reading logs and donations are due that following Monday, March 6. Donations can be collected up front (flat donation) or after the end of the Read-a-Thon during the weekend of March 5 and 6 if sponsors are making a per minute donation. Students should secure all checks in the Read-a-thon Envelope. Checks should be written to the PS 10 PTA. Canceled checks can serve as a tax-deductible donation receipt.

Q: Who is responsible for collecting the sponsorship donations?

A: You and your child are responsible for collecting sponsor donations.

Q: What do we do with the Read-a-thon Envelope when the Read-a-thon ends?

A: The entire Read-a-thon packet including the reading and donation log board and the collected donations in the envelope should be turned into your child’s teacher on Monday, March 6, 2017.

Q: Are there prizes for the students?

A: Yes. Every student who turns in a Read-a-thon packet will receive a PS 10 Reads! button and bookmark. Students will receive additional prizes as they advance on the reading log. The class in each grade that reads the most minutes will get a pizza party. There will also be a prize for the class that raises the most money, for classes that have at least 50% participation in the Read-a-Thon and for individual kids that read a lot.

Q: Can my child participate – even without sponsors?

A: Yes, all students are encouraged to participate regardless of the amount of sponsorship. Have your student turn in his or her reading log because the class per grade that reads the most minutes will get a prize. In addition, our school-wide goal is to read 500,000 minutes, so every student turning in their log board will help us meet this goal!
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Sample Donation Letters & Video

PS 10 Reads! The more you read, the more you can succeed. EVERYONE wins when we read.


Dear [Grandma/Grandpa/Auntie/Family Friends],

Will you please support me in my school’s Read-a-thon?

The money I raise will support art, science programs, music, and classroom supplies.

I am committed to reading _____ minutes or more between February 3 and March 3rd, and will keep track of the total minutes I read. A flat donation of $5-$50 will help me reach my personal goal of raising $______ or more!

I appreciate any amount you are able to send!

The easiest way to donate is online at the PS 10 PTA website.
• Select your donation amount
• Indicate you are donating on behalf of me by putting my name in the “In honor of” box
• Put “Read a Thon” in the “Designate your fund…” box

If you make a donation online, please also be sure to forward a copy of the emailed donation receipt to my family so I know to record the donation in my read-a-thon log book.

Or you can mail a check to me, payable to PS 10 PTA before March 5, 2017.

Thank you for helping me to reach my goal!



Sample Letter From a Parent


Dear Friends and Family,

[Jillian] is currently participating in PS 10 Elementary School’s Read-a-thon to help raise money for her school’s art, MET Opera, science, chess, and classroom teacher support. We put together a short video that I thought you would enjoy. [Jillian] has committed to reading 100 minutes during the read-a-thon and she’s doing great! The Read-a-thon continues until March 3.

If you are interested in sponsoring [Jillian] in the Read-a-thon and helping her to meet her fundraising goal (even a little bit goes a long way!), you can donate online by clicking on the following link:

• Select your donation amount
• Indicate you are donating on behalf of Jillian by putting her name in the “In honor of” box
• Put “Read a Thon” in the “Designate your fund…” box

If you make a donation online, please also be sure to forward a copy of the emailed donation receipt to me so [Jillian] knows to record the donation in her read-a-thon log book.

Thank you so much for your support.


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