3K For All

Welcome to 3K at K-280!

We believe that there is a strong partnership between home and school.  We hope this guide will provide you with a helpful overview of our 3-K program. Please contact our administrative and coaching team if you have further questions.


Our Curriculum

Grounded in the Head Start Early Learning Outcomes Framework, the “Explorations Units” provide instructional opportunities for 3-K for All teaching staff, children, and families to connect, explore materials, and learn together. Explorations invite engagement in comprehensive, in-depth, play-based learning across domains. Topics and activities in Explorations begin with routines and the classroom community then progress to more abstract ideas throughout the year.

At K-280 we believe that symbolic languages such as painting, sculpting, writing etc. offer endless possibilities to children to express their thinking and understanding of the world around them. 

 Our 3-K program encourages and promotes all of the multifaceted ways in which children interpret and represent their ideas and circumstances they face in their daily lives. 

The three Explorations are designed to be implemented in 3-K for All classrooms over the course of the ten-month program year.

Exploration One (Open Link)

Exploration Two (Open Link)

Exploration Three (Open Link)

Sample Schedule

Minutes Allotted



Teacher Planning/Collaboration

8:30 AM-9:20 AM

Arrival/Hand Washing/Greeting Routines/Breakfast: Teachers will greet families and students by name. The greeting routine is aligned with democratic class meeting models for Early Childhood.

9:20 AM-10:10 AM

Large Group Meeting:  8-10 Minutes:  Students will engage in a  Morning Meeting; special considerations will  be made for children who are not ready for a large group setting, who need the support of an adult, or have an IEP or are an ENL/MLL.  

Centers - Begin Centers at 9:35: See Below

10:10 AM-11:00 AM

Centers: Children will begin at the rug to see what centers are open; teachers can engage students in a ‘Gallery Walk'' to look at the centers and materials available. Students are encouraged to work in centers that interest them. Teachers will confer with students in centers during the play time. Students will be encouraged to try new centers, to build and extend their play, and to share their thoughts and ideas about their play. Materials should be accessible to children in all Centers for a substantial portion of the day (one-third of the program hours). Materials should align to children’s interests, needs and some may align to the current Exploration or Interdisciplinary Unit of Study.

The numbers of students per center will be determined as per COVID-19 Protocols for the 2021-22 school year. 

Clean-up/Hand Washing/ Toileting- Teachers will assist as needed.

11:00 AM-11:50 AM

Instructional Lunch - In accordance with guidance from the DECE for meals in schools for the 2021-22 school year: As children finish lunch at their own pace, they begin to toilet (if necessary) and clean their hands in preparation for rest.

Teachers will engage students in conversations about their day. 

Clean-up/Hand Washing- Teachers will facilitate as needed

Toileting/Hand Washing- See above notes

11:50 PM-12:40 PM

Rest/Quiet Time: Children should be provided with a calm space to relax for approximately 40-50 minutes.

If children do not sleep, they should be offered quiet activities such as books, puzzles, and drawing.


12:40 PM-1:30 PM

8-10 minutes

(4-5 minute for transition)

Large Group Meeting - Teachers can: Read Aloud- related to the current unit of study or review the events of the day thus far, talk about what is coming up next.

See above Large group meeting notes. 

Centers/Snack or Journey/Gross Motor Play: See above. Center choices/materials will vary for this second session. 

Clean-up/Hand Washing: Teachers will facilitate as needed

1:30 PM-2:00 PM

Gross Motor Play/Journey or Centers - Students will engage in safe and engaging outdoor play. Water will be accessible. Teachers observe and interact with children as they use playground toys and equipment.

Journeys: Please click LINK

8-10 minutes

Closing Meeting: Children and teaching teams gather to end the day with a closing ritual or to sing favorite songs, recite finger plays and/or poems. At the end of this session,  children are encouraged to select a book to take home, to dress themselves and to say good-bye to their  classmates and teachers.

Closing meetings must not exceed 10 minutes (including transitions in and of the group).


1. Bathrooms and Diapering:  Does my child need to be “Potty Trained”?

We do not require that incoming children are potty trained. While our classrooms do not have bathrooms, we have modern, child sized bathrooms located centrally to all of our 3-K spaces. Children are escorted to the bathrooms with teachers and professionals both in whole groups and as needed throughout the day. Diapering is done in the classroom on a changing table. 

2. Do the 3 year old students wear masks?

As per the latest UFT/DOE guidelines around Covid safety in schools, all students wear masks during the instructional day. Children have safe, socially distant mask breaks throughout the day. 

3. What curriculum do you follow? Are you Play Based? 

We follow the 3-K For All Interdisciplinary Units of Study ( linked above). We are a Reggio Emilia Inspired, play based program. We use a center based approach where children learn through open ended play experiences grounded in the 3 units of study as outlined by the DECE. 

4. Arrival and Dismissal Procedures: 

We are still planning the 2021-2022 school year. Once we have finalized these procedures, we will communicate all of the pertinent protocols and procedures with our parent community. The instructional school day schedule will be shared once finalized. 

5. After School:

K280 has community partners that offer After-school care. If you need help connecting with a local provider please reach out to Ms Gaylene Menelas Parent Coordinator at gmenelas@ps10.org or (718)369 4450 ext. 2721.

6. Class Size:

Our 3-K General Education classes are composed of 15 students, 1 classroom teacher and 1 paraprofessional. Our ICT classes are composed of 15 students, 2 classroom teachers, and 2 paraprofessionals. 

7. School Meals and Rest Time:

All classes have breakfast, lunch, snack, recess and rest time daily. Students practice social distanced mask breaks while eating, participating in recess, and during rest. Please note that snacks are brought in by families and are not provided by school food services. Families have the option to partake in free breakfast and lunch; please reach out to your classroom teacher for more information. 

8. Allergies or other Medical Needs:

At K-280 we have a comprehensive and safe allergy/medical awareness protocol. Our school nurse and our 504 coordinator will work with you to ensure that your allergy/medical awareness plan meets your specific needs. All public education students with allergies or other medical needs will get a 504 medical packet. Once the paperwork is completed,  parents will meet with the school nurse and the 504 coordinator to decide what allergy/medical plan will be best for your family. Please reach out to the site supervisor Gwong@PS10.org or the 504 Coordinator during registration: Sandra Fajgier:SFajgier@PS10.org

9. Do you provide transportation for the 3K program?

We do not provide transportation for our 3K students. Only students identified as SCIS through CPSE are eligible for transportation. 

10. Does the 3K program follow the DOE calendar?

Yes, our 3K program will follow the DOE calendar for the 2021-2022 school year.