3K and Pre K Welcome Back

Updated Line Up Layout for ALL CLASSES beginning, Monday, September 19

Parent Orientation Presentation for K280 - 3K and Pre K

3K and Pre K Information and FAQ




Will students get outdoor time every day? 

Yes, students will have the opportunity to go on class journeys as well as use the playground once construction has been completed.

Where will students eat breakfast and lunch?

Students will be eating in their classrooms as meals will be delivered.  Students will have an opportunity to eat a school provided meal or a packed lunch.  Please note that we cannot warm any food as well as ensure that all food packaging is easy for students to access.  A school menu will be shared by the dietician with families.

Will there be snack time for students?

Yes, there will be snack time available.  Please provide a snack that is easy for students to open.  Snack distribution will be monitored carefully, taking into account students with food allergies.

How will communication with the school and my teacher work?

The school and classroom teachers will be using emails, Operoo, Remind and the school website as a means of communication.  

What supplies should I pack for my child?

Please wait until students have met their classroom teachers as they will provide a specific supply list.

Will our children be tested for covid?

3K, Pre K students will not be tested. This is DOE policy.

What are the quarantine rules for positive tests?

If a student or teacher tests positive, there will be a classroom closure for ten days. If four positive cases are reported within a seven-day rolling period, it will trigger a school shut down for ten days.

Do kids still have to do DOE screening questions upon entering this year? 


Are there vaccination mandates for the students? 

Not at this time.  Age 12 and up only.

Students not medically able to tolerate masks for medical reasons, what are the alternative accommodations?

Children will be taken to a ventilated to sit and work.  Parents will be invited in to discuss the importance of mask wearing.

Can you go over the ventilation in the building and the classrooms?

Each class will have two air purifiers, and the classroom has windows that will be open. 

What is the program for kids who have to learn English from zero?

English as a second language lessons are built into the curriculum.

What is the testing policy for the vaccinated staff?

At this time, there is no testing policy for vaccinated staff.  

Is there a plan to ensure that students can wash their hands (not wipe them) before & after meals? 

Yes, teachers have individual plans to usher students to bathrooms to wash hands regularly.

What’s the transition between school dismissal and after school Extended Day Program?

Extended Day in the past has collected students from classrooms 10 minutes prior to dismissal.

Do you have a plan for after school and ways to separate the children by class? Or will kids be mixed in after school?

Yes, the Extended day staff will be organizing this.

Please advise about indoor afterschool programs during construction, such as chess.

The extended day program will share this info shortly.

Will windows in classrooms remain open year-round?


If a student has a bud in another class, will they be able to play with them during recess, or will classes be separated due to the new outdoor spaces?

Yes, they will be able to play with friends in other classes as long as they are in the same grade. 

How will we know if our child’s class is eating outdoors? Will all classes go outdoors?

Your child’s teacher will be able to provide you with that information. Weather permitting, all classes have the ability to eat outdoors.

How will mask breaks work both indoors and outside for teachers and students?

This will be at the teachers’ discretion.

Are children required to keep their masks on when playing outside?


Can you confirm that the Intellipure air purifiers that will be in the classrooms meet or exceed HEPA standards? 


If my child needs to take medication during the day, what should I do?

Please contact your classroom teacher and the school nurse for guidance.

If you don’t have the 504, how do you handle issues?

Please reach out to sfajgier@ps10.org and discuss this with your classroom teacher.

How are students with food allergies addressed?

Please alert the classroom teacher and contact, Ms. Sandy Fajgier at sfajgier@ps10.org 

The students will be monitored closely to ensure no food cross contamination.

Does the school know which staff members have not been vaccinated, and if so, will those who are not vaccinated be allowed in closed rooms with students, and will those be allowed to be present in the cafeteria or any other non-masked setting?

Central DOE has that information and is monitoring the situation closely.

Where are 3K and 4K classes located in the Bishop Ford Complex?

The building is broken up into 4 quadrants, Bronx Zoo, Prospect Park, Coney Island and Times Square.  The 3K is in Bronx Zoo and Coney Island (right side of the building).  The Pre K is in Prospect Park and Times Square (left side of the building).

Can we leave children’s belongings in school?  Will cubbies be available?

Every child will be assigned a cubby.  Children however, will be instructed to bring their belongings home daily so that the room can be thoroughly sanitized.

How often are classrooms cleaned?

All classrooms will be disinfected and sanitized daily.

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