At P.S. 10, we think that fresh air and moving freely are important to students.  Free play fosters growth and development of minds and bodies.  For these reasons, please prepare your student to go outside for recess either before or after lunch.  Recess is about 25 minutes. Our children go outside for recess at all times of year (weather permitting) so it’s important that they are dressed appropriately for the weather.

Our schoolyard is gated and has space for running, basketball, kickball, hopscotch, four-square and a separate playground area.  Most of the children LOVE recess and find that it helps them “loosen up” and focus for the rest of the day.

Inclement Weather
When the weather is inclement, the children will have indoor recess. They may spend time in the cafeteria drawing and/or playing board games.  They have the option of watching a G-rated movie or show such as The Magic School Bus science series.   DVD donations of educational shows or G-rated movies are always needed.  Please bring them to the PTA office or Ms. Diana in the main office.

Winter Weather
Since safety is our foremost concern, the administration and staff pays particular attention to the conditions outside when the weather turns freezing.  Several factors are looked at when deciding to send the children outside.  These include actual temperature and wind chill, snow accumulation, and ground conditions in the yard.

Appropriate Clothing for Outdoor Play
Please check your child before he or she leaves for school to make sure your student is dressed appropriately for the season and the daily weather.  In the winter, this means hats, gloves, boots or closed shoes, and a scarf.  In spring, this means avoiding open-toe shoes, backless shoes, and flip-flops.  In all seasons, the schoolyard is sunny.  Please apply sunblock daily throughout the school year.

Parent Volunteers
Recent budget cuts have forced P.S.10 to reduce the number of staff available to work in the cafeteria and in the schoolyard during recess. As a result, our children’s ability to go outside and get some fresh air during the lunch period is in jeopardy. The cafeteria/recess staff and our children need our help!

Recess Committee
Our recess committee works with our Recess Coordinator, Marvin McCollum,  in order to make the recess experience fun and active.  Please join our committee!

The PTA has worked with the school and we have a schedule for parents to volunteer on a daily basis to support the staff and supervise children during lunch in the cafeteria and recess in the schoolyard.  Each classroom will be assigned three weeks during the year to send volunteers to assist the Recess Coordinator during lunch and recess.

  • Each of the K through 5 classrooms at P.S.10 will be assigned specific weeks throughout the school year when they are on recess duty. During their assigned weeks, each classroom is being asked to contribute  at least 6 volunteers every day to help out in the cafeteria and in the schoolyard.
  • You can come for as little as one day or as many as five days during your classroom’s Recess/Lunch Volunteer Week.
  • If you would prefer to volunteer during a week when your class is not scheduled, no problem! Just fill in the attached form and let us know when you will be coming!
  • The recess/lunch period is from 11:00 to 1:10. Volunteers arrive at 11:15 and stay for the duration of lunch/recess.  If you need to arrive late or leave early, please let the Coordinator know.
  •  It is important our children have the opportunity to run around outside at least once a day. Please help us make this happen!

Please contact RoseAnn  at

We are hoping for 100% parent participation to help enhance our children’s recess experience.