School Leadership Team (SLT)

What issues concern you as a PS 10 parent?

Let the School Leadership Team (SLT) know!

SLT members are parents, teachers, and administrators who listen to and share ideas and concerns of the PS 10 community. We make sure the needs of the community are reflected in the school’s Comprehension Education Plan (CEP). We also problem solve to meet the needs of our students, families, and educators.

Do you have issues you’d like to see on the agenda at SLT meetings? Let us know:

1. Write your ideas or concerns down and leave them in the SLT mailbox in the main office or in the lobby.

2. Email the SLT at

3. Let us know your concerns at the PTA meeting, when we give SLT reports each month.

-Dates of future meetings:

All SLT meetings are open to the public, community, and parents

April 18th, 2018
May 9th, 2018
May 30th, 2018
June 6th, 2018
June 13th, 2018

-SLT Members:

Heide Bookman           –UFT Representative and Co-Chair
Gloria Chico-Perez      –UFT Para Representative
Erica Drew                   –Teacher
Marie Edesess             –Parent and Co-Chair
Eileen Fallon                –DC 37 Representative
Ali Hodin-Baier             –Parent
Mim Invargson             –Parent
Rachel Meltzer             –Parent and Secretary
Donald Norwood          –PTA Representative
Megan Nyhan               –PTA Representative
Giuliana Reitzfeld         –Teacher
Laura Scott                   –Principal