Curriculum at K280 School of Journeys

What type of curriculum will be utilized at K280 this year?

In the 2020-2021 school year, all teachers at K280 will be utilizing the Pre-K For All Interdisciplinary Units of Study. This research-based program supports learning across all domains, using developmentally appropriate practice. Our units of study are: Welcome to Pre-K, My Five Senses, All About US, Where We Live, Transportation, Light, Water, Plants, Babies and Transformation. Pre-K For All Units show a progression of interdisciplinary learning throughout the year. The program supports the development of inquiry, critical thinking, language and problem solving skills. You can read more about the Pre-K For All curriculum here.

What about inquiry-based learning?

From the inception of our school, we have embraced inquiry-based learning; connecting the interests of our students with interdisciplinary, hands-on discoveries. We will continue to embrace this approach through the investigations of the PreK For All Curriculum. We continue to draw inspiration from the Reggio Emilia philosophy of early childhood education. We believe that the environment, interactions with students, use of purposeful play, incorporation of relevant books and resources, and family engagement practices, are pivotal to the development of the whole child.

How will you ensure equity to all learners?

As a response to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have selected this program due to its inclusion of developmentally appropriate goals and objectives for preschoolers. Utilizing this curriculum “across the board” ensures that our young learners receive an equitable Pre-K experience.  Please note that K280 is now a 5 day program in accordance to DOE updates.  There are no more hybrid classrooms, only in-school and fully remote classes.


This year, all K280 families will join a Google classroom where they will be able to access activities, digital content, instructional videos and live meetings with their teachers. Teachers will offer daily instructions for hands-on activities which help to foster prolonged engagement. For students who are participating in the hybrid model, the online content will enrich and extend their classroom learning experiences. For students exclusively engaging through remote learning, their curriculum will mirror the activities that are presented in the brick and mortar classrooms. 

For Pre-K families in need of a remote learning device for their student, we encourage you to submit the DOE’s Remote Learning Device Request Form. Additionally, our PTA is committed to ensuring that all of our students have access to a device throughout this period of remote and/or hybrid learning.

How will you support social-emotional learning?

At K280, teachers are committed to supporting socialization skills, especially during remote learning. Students are encouraged to interact with one another during virtual meetings. In these meetings, teachers model simple games that can be transferred to virtual play dates. Students motivate and inspire one another by posting pictures of their work and their activities in Google Classroom. Students are encouraged to comment on the work of their classmates, and to ask questions, just as we do in our brick and mortar classrooms.

We also aim to help our young students develop an understanding of the pandemic, in a developmentally appropriate manner. Our teachers have compiled these articles and resources for parents and preschoolers regarding COVID-19. We aim to empower our young students to recognize that they can be “helpers” by washing hands, keeping hands out of their faces, and by practicing social distancing.