PS10's Read-a-thon

Dear PS10 Families,

Our PTA’s annual Read-a-thon will be held Friday, February 5th through Friday, March 5th! This fun event raises money directly for our school while encouraging your child to become a lifelong reader… it’s a WIN-WIN! Last year we raised more than $44,000 and read almost 500,000 minutes as a school. This year, COVID-19 has limited our in-person events and we want to get all of our kids reading together this month! It’s also a great moment to reach out to family and friends who can sponsor your child’s reading and support our school in a very tough year.

For our 2021 Read-a-thon, we're using a web-based platform called Pledgestar to track reading and donations. Pledgestar makes it easy to request pledges from family and friends and allows them to make secure credit card donations online. You get notified each time a pledge is made, and you can track your progress on the site!

Here’s how the Read-a-thon works:

  • Register your family on Pledgestar TODAY. Raising money is optional, and asking friends and family to sponsor your avid reader is a great way to support PS10! It only takes a few minutes to set up your page. Here’s how:
    • Go to
    • Click “Not Registered For This Event?”
    • Enter your name and email address, then click “Submit”
    • Follow the instructions on-screen to register your child(ren)
    • Call 1-888-598-7510 if you need help with PledgeStar
  • Secure sponsors. Sponsors can pledge a flat amount ($10, $25, $50, etc.) OR a specific amount per minute read (1 cent, 5 cents, 10 cents, etc.). Donations will be collected online via PledgeStar, or sponsors can mail a check to: PS10 PTA c/o Kelli Hardiman, 511 7th Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11215. (Please note "2021 Read-a-thon" in the memo line along with the child’s name.)
  • Encourage your child to read! Help your child keep track of minutes read and enter the total number per day on your child’s PledgeStar page. Minutes spent reading books, newspapers, magazines, and homework outside of school from Friday, February 5 through Friday, March 5 all count. (Sorry, no audiobooks.) Use a watch or a timer to track minutes. If your child can’t read independently, you or someone else can read aloud to them—that counts! 
  • Share your book ideas! Take a picture of your child reading or make a book suggestion on Instagram or Twitter @ps10bk or on our Facebook page: Use the hashtag #ps10reads.
  • WIN AWESOME PRIZES! The top readers AND earners in each grade will win prizes including books, gift certificates, and more!

Questions? Email us at Let’s make PS10’s 2021 Read-a-thon the best one yet!

Happy reading,

The PS10 PTA 2021 Read-a-thon Committee

Read-a-thon Kick-off: RJ Palacio Video

To help kick off this year's Read-a-thon, RJ Palacio, author of the novel WONDER and the picture book WE'RE ALL WONDERS, has a special message for everyone: Watch it here!


Reading Strategies

Make this challenge fun for the whole family by reading together! Articles in magazines, newspapers, comic books, and recipes in a cookbook all count! For children in the lower grades, listening to adults or older siblings read counts as reading time. When reading with your child, ask recall questions about characters or details of the story in order to build his or her reading comprehension skills. Talk about the story and relate it to your child’s everyday life when possible.

For families with students in the upper grades, consider having them read in one room with others who are reading quietly — a family reading night! Or, try reading out loud as a family one night a week while rotating readers. Help strengthen your child’s reading skills by asking questions about his or her reading in terms of comprehension, recall of details, and discussing the book’s theme or ideas.

Here are some other ideas for ways to make reading a fun family activity:

  • Have an indoor campout! Make s’mores or a similar treat (hot cocoa and marshmallows, anyone?) and then set up a “tent” using chairs draped with blankets. Read with your child by flashlight.
  • Have a friendly competition at home to see which family member can read the most minutes in a day or week during the Read-a-thon. Award the winner with a fun prize, such as the right to pick the film for a family movie night.
  • Read the “funnies” together. Check your newspaper each weekend for current comic strips or search online. Share favorites from your own childhood and encourage your child to put his or her favorites on the fridge, where he or she can read them often. 

To parents, family members, and guardians, we encourage you to take the challenge of reading daily as well. Show your child that reading is important in your life, too. When our children see us reading, they learn the value and joy of it. 

Have fun!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the dates of the Read-a-thon?

A: Friday, February 5 to Friday, March 5, 2021. Reading done before or after these dates is still awesome, but it is not counted toward the Read-a-thon.

Q: What does my child need to do to participate in the Read-a-thon?

A: Sign up for PledgeStar! It only takes a minute, and PledgeStar makes it easy to track your child’s reading and ask friends and family to support your avid reader. Here’s how: 

  • Go to
  • Click “Not Registered For This Event?”
  • Enter your name and email address, then click “Submit”
  • Follow the instructions on-screen to register your child(ren)
  • Call 1-888-598-7510 if you need help with PledgeStar

Q: My child cannot read yet on his or her own. Can my child still participate?

A: YES, ABSOLUTELY! Parents, guardians, siblings, other family members, or friends may read aloud to your child. A grandparent or friend reading aloud to your child over video chat works, too! 

Q: What counts as reading?

A: Any time your child spends reading from Friday, February 5 to Friday, March 5, 2021. This includes individual reading time and being read to aloud. Homework reading can also be counted toward the Read-a-thon.

Q: Do audiobooks count?

A: No. The focus of the Read-a-thon is on the physical interaction between a child and a book (or between you, your child, and a book!). Ebooks and digital books DO count, though!

Q: Do I need special forms for the Read-a-thon?

A: No. Once you create a PledgeStar account, you can enter donations and minutes read all in one place online. If you would like to use a paper form to record minutes and then enter them on PledgeStar once a week or at the end of the Read-a-thon, you may download the reading log form here:  2021 Reading Log.doc 

Q: Whom should my child ask to be a sponsor?

A: Sponsors can be parents, relatives, or neighbors — anyone who has a connection to your child, would like to support his or her reading, and would like to support PS10. This is a major fundraiser for the PTA, so we hope you will ask extended family and friends to sponsor and donate to our school. This year, PledgeStar makes it easy to reach out to sponsors via email or by text!

Q: How much money should a sponsor donate?

A: That is up to the sponsor. Sponsors can donate per minute read OR give a flat donation. 

Q: When should the money be collected from sponsors?

A: The Read-a-Thon is over on Friday, March 5 and all reading logs and donations are due the week of Monday, March 8, 2021. 

Q: Can sponsors write a check if they do not want to donate online?

A: YES, ABSOLUTELY! Checks should be written to the PS10 PTA and mailed to: 


c/o Kelli Hardiman

511 7th Avenue

Brooklyn, NY 11215

(Please note "2021 Read-a-thon" in the memo line along with the child’s name.)

Q: When I register for PledgeStar, will my information be shared? Will my child’s sponsors receive solicitations from PledgeStar beyond the PS10 Read-a-thon? 

A: No, PledgeStar does not share or send solicitations to donors. You can review PledgeStar’s privacy policy here:

Q: How can sponsors get a donation receipt?

A: PledgeStar automatically sends a donation receipt. 

Q: Are there prizes for the students?

A: YES! Every student who signs up on PledgeStar and provides us with a mailing address will receive a small surprise in the mail. (Enter your address here once you’ve signed up.) The individual student AND class in each grade that reads the most minutes will get a prize. There will also be a prize for the class and individual student in each grade that raises the most money.

Q: Can my child participate – even without sponsors?

A: YES, ABSOLUTELY! All students are encouraged to participate regardless of the amount raised. Fundraising is not a requirement for participation. You can still sign up for PledgeStar and use it to track your child’s reading and participate toward our school goal of reading half a million minutes in one month!

Still have questions? Please email us at and we would be happy to help. Happy reading!