K280 Cool Culture


K280 is an inquiry-based learning environment that is Reggio-inspired where the student's environment is a second classroom. Students pull in all that they see and are able to ask question of how and why. Students are taken on journeys daily whether it is rainy, sunny or even snowy to learn about all kinds of things out side of the classroom walls.

Cool Culture does very much the same thing but the families are a part of that experience as well in a unique and special way. Parents won't miss the opportunity to learn with their pre-schoolers.

Literacy without Walls has been a great program for our school and families. They are able to take journeys exploring together and able to bring what they saw and learned back home and also back into the classroom.

Teachers are able to use this programs within the classroom setting and outside as another tool for parent engagement. We understand that parents are working hard and have a busy schedule and so we bring the classroom to you. What is your destination going to be?