K280 Information


K280 has security located at each entrance and we are inquiring about additional security for safety reasons as our population increases.  All doors other than the main entrances/exits are alarmed and will go off if opened.   Administration and staff can be seen throughout the building ensuring the safety of students, teachers and all staff. Please note as a security measure for all of our students that ANY ADULT entering the building must have their ID.  In the 2019-2020 school year, K280 will be issuing family ID cards as an added security measure and that will replace having to use your State ID.

​Please do have your ID out and ready when you enter the building in order to expedite the process.  Additionally, all staff is trained in lockdown procedures and we conduct drills throughout the year in order to prepare for any scenario.

School Hours and After School

School starts at 8:30 am and ends at 2:50 pm. Parents (or adults officially listed for designated pick-up) are officially allowed in at 2:40 pm.

​Early Drop Off: Early drop off will be available for all 3k and Pre-k families, more information forthcoming.

After School:

K280 After school is provided by the PTA Extended Day in partnership with A Playdate Everyday.  
The website is aplaydateeveryday.com

Nut Allergies

​Classrooms are only designated ‘nut free’ if a child is found to have a severe allergies to nuts. A severe allergy is one designated as sensitivity to environmental contact with tree nuts/peanuts as opposed to one that involves ingestion.  As families do have the option to pack lunches for their children and there is a strict policy on no sharing of snack/lunch items between students, we will allow students in the class to pack lunches containing peanut butter or other tree-nut related items in any classroom not designated ‘nut free’.  Staff members are alerted to any allergies that students may have and a list is posted in the office as well as with the Parent Coordinator and nurse.  Additionally any teacher who has a student with food allergies will receive training in Epipen administration.

When you register for K280, if your child has an allergy of any kind, please contact our 504 coordinator Sandra Fajgier at Sfajgier@ps10.org to learn more about allergy safety at K280 and the different options available to you.

Medical Forms

If you have already submitted the most current immunization record, thank you. If you have not, please use this time to update and submit the medical/physical form to one of the school secretaries, Mrs. Adele or Mrs. Clara, they will forward it to the school nurse. Download the form below.

K280's school nurse is located in Room 224A her extension is 2242 and is here from 8am to 3pm Monday through Friday.

If you are in need of a physical or some other assistance i.e. shots etc the school nurse located at the PS10 main building, from Lutheran Medical Center is available to do no cost physicals, if needed. Please contact the medical associate, Lucy, at 718.788.6572 to schedule an appointment.