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As you may have heard or watched on the news, the mayor and chancellor have approved the District 15 Diversity Plan for admissions to middle school.  As we learn new information in regards to middle school admissions and processes, we will be sharing them through the Remind App as well as through Konstella. To download the app, visit the Apple App or Google Play store and search for Remind.

After downloading the app, to join the Fifth Grade Parents group, please enter this code: 2dbb8e

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By joining this group, you will receive any information regarding the middle school process. (Please note that questions and comments are unavailable through this app.) If you have any questions, please feel free to visit the school or set up an appointment to meet Mr. Oramas or Dr. Wong.  You may also email Mr. Oramas at GOramas@ps10.org or Dr. Wong at GWong@ps10.org

Middle School Application Timeline

Below is a timeline to help you with the Middle School application process.


October 2018:  The Middle School application period will open in late October on MySchools.nyc. Sometime in October, an account creation code will be mailed to the address currently in our attendance system. This will enable parents or guardian access to MySchools.nyc.

October-November 2018: Middle School Tours/Open Houses.

Dec 14th 2018:  Deadline for families to submit their online application.

Jan – Feb 2019:  Testing for non-District 15 gifted programs such as Mark Twain. NONE OF THE MIDDLE SCHOOLS IN DISTRICT 15 WILL HAVE AUDITIONS OR ASSESSMENTS.

April 2019:  Decision letters will be released to families ONLINE. Appeal applications available online.

June 2019:  Appeal decisions will be released online. 

The DOE middle school application is now online through MySchools.nyc

  • NO MORE PAPER FORMS:  MySchools.nyc is the new parent portal for middle and high school applications. The application itself will have the same information as before, but families will make the entries directly online. Decision letters will also be viewable online. Guidance will no longer be making the electronic entries for families, nor will they be printing application receipts. You can make changes to your child’s application until the Dec. 3 deadline through MySchools.nyc. The application is brief and includes the following: your address currently in the DOE database, your child’s academic and behavior grades, test scores on 4th grade state Math and ELA tests, if applicable, and the number of absences and latenesses from 4th grade. Please check to make sure your address is current. To change it, you must submit a current utility bill to Ms. DePaz in the main office. If there are omissions or inaccuracies on the final 4th grade report card grades, contact your middle school liaison.

  • COMPLETING THE APPLICATION:  Parents rank the schools in the order you prefer, e-sign the application, and click submit. That is all. 

  • THE MATCHING PROCESS:  The matching process is the same as in years past. It is only the District 15 admissions criteria that has changed. Criteria for schools outside District 15 will not change. The Borough of Enrollment matches each student with the school that is the highest choice on their application, which in turn has ranked that student within the range of seats available. In District 15, each school’s ranked list of students will be determined by randomly generated lottery rather than by screened criteria (academics, audition, etc.). The matching process begins with each applicant’s first choice, then continues down that student’s list of application choices until a match is found.

The order in which you list the schools is important – list them in TRUE ORDER OF PREFERENCE. Students are given ONLY one offer from this application process.

The DOE application includes the following schools: `

  • All middle schools in District 15 (our district). 

  • Borough-wide schools:  Brooklyn borough-wide schools are listed in the Middle School Directory for District 15.

  • Mark Twain School for the Gifted & Talented in District 21 (Coney Island):  Mark Twain applicants no longer need Request For Testing forms! Instead, when you express interest in Mark Twain on MySchools.nyc, you will be asked to choose up to two talent areas. Once these talents are added to your child’s application and submitted, you will receive Talent Testing tickets with the testing date and instructions.

  • NEST+MBrooklyn School of Inquiry (BSI), ICE ,PPAS, and other citywide schools: These schools are still screened admission schools. Once they are ranked on your child’s application, some of these schools also require an additional test, interview or audition. NEST+m and BSI are gifted and talented schools with admission based on a Composite Score: 4th grade grades, test scores (if applicable), attendance and behavior (no more NEST test). Applicants to ICE submit an essay, with some students then chosen to interview. PPAS (Professional Performing Arts School) has an audition-based admission process. BSI, ICE, NEST, and PPAS all attract a high number of applicants and have few available seats for incoming 6th graders.

  • Other Residential Districts:  If you are now living outside of District 15 and your address is correct in the DOE computer system, the schools in your residential district will also appear on the application, and you may rank them as well as District 15 schools. Living in another district will not affect a child’s admission priority to District 15 schools, as long as the child is attending a D15 school. Equal preference is given to children who attend school in the district and/or live in the district. STUDENTS LIVING IN DISTRICTS 17, 18, 20, 22, 24, AND 30:  There are additional gifted and talented schools in these districts that have test-based admissions.  (OLSAT for District 24 only.)  Contact your middle school liaison if you are interested in exploring those options.

Middle School Directory

Individual Guidance on Applying to Middle School

PS10’s guidance counselor, Giovanni Oramas, is available for individual families to discuss middle school choices.  To set up an appointment, please call 718.965.1170 extension 3.

Getting Middle School Information on Your Phone

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Links to District Fifteen Middle School Tours and Open Houses

PS10 is located within District Fifteen (D15).  This winter, every PS10 student may apply to middle schools within the district. You and your fifth grader may want to attend daytime tours or evening open houses in more than one of these schools.  To link to more information about each middle school’s events for prospective families, please see below.                              

MS51 William Alexander

JHS88 Peter Rouget

IS136 Charles O. Dewey

MS442 Carroll Gardens School for Innovation

MS 443 New Voices School of Academic and Creative Arts

MS447 Math and Science Exploratory School

MS 448 Brooklyn Secondary School for Collaborative Studies

MS 464 Park Slope Collegiate

MS 497 School for International Studies Cobble Hill

MS 821 Sunset Park Prep

MS 839 Middle School 839 NYC Outward Bound