About PTA Extended Day

Our Mission

The PTA Extended Day Program is a parent-run branch of the PTA that provides enrichment-based after school hours childcare to the PS10 community.

  1. We are an 11-year old PTA Committee with 3 full-time and 20 part-time staff members. Most of our staff members have been with us for many years.

  2. We offer our parents coverage every full school day from dismissal until 6:00 pm.

  3. We have grown the program to offer up to 60 enrichment classes per session with 30 local outside vendors.

  4. Scholarships are widely available:

    a. We offer needs-based scholarships that can reduce the cost by up to 85%. Extended Day Tuition for 5 days a week can cost as little as $500 per student for the entire year.

    b. Not only do we offer the widest variety of enrichment courses, but through scholarships program is the most affordable in the area.

    c. Application forms are available online or in the PTA Office.

    d. Please do not hesitate to inquire.