PTA Parent Guide

A Primer on Life at P.S. 10 by the PTA

Below you will find a slightly abridged version of our new and improved PTA Parent Guide. The PTA has collaborated with the school administration to answer some of the questions you may have about life at PS10, and to introduce you to how things work at the school. In our Guide you will find information on: important policies (such as arrivals & dismissals); contact information for the school, the PTA and our Afterschool Program; and far more; so keep it handy throughout the year. (Click HERE to download a PDF of our complete critical guide.)


Grades K through 5 are expected to be in the school by 8:20am every day. Kindergarten parents may escort their children up the classrooms at 8:20am; parents will be required to sign in, in the lobby, and show proof of identity prior to taking their children to their classroom. Grade 1-5 should be brought to the schoolyard on Prospect Avenue before 8:20am, where classroom teachers will meet them to escort them to their classrooms.

If children arrive late, they must report to the Main Office to get a Late Pass.

Breakfast is offered free every school to all children from 7:30am-8:20am in the Cafeteria. PLEASE NOTE: Children will not be allowed into the building before 7:30am and parents may not stay with their children during breakfast.

Due to extreme traffic congestion on 7th and Prospect Avenues at school drop-off and dismissal, PS10 must inform all drivers that there is NO DOUBLE PARKING while picking up or dropping off children. Double-parked cars on both sides of Prospect Avenue block traffic and create dangerous conditions for PS10 families, as well as for other drivers.


All students are dismissed at 2:40pm (see below for where to pickup your child). All adults authorized to pick up children must have their names on the child’s Blue Card kept in the Main Office. Teachers will not release a child to someone not on that card. (Blue Cards are sent home at the beginning of the year for parents to fill out.)

It is imperative that children be picked up promptly. PLEASE NOTE: If you do not pick up your child on time, they will be escorted to the Auditorium for pick up.

PICK UP Locations by Grade:

Kindergarten: On 17th Street, near corner of 7th Avenue. Students are brought outside by their teachers; parents & caregivers wait on the sidewalk for pick up. See Dismissal In Bad Weather (below) for pickup instructions during bad weather.

1st Grade: Along 7th Avenue. Students are brought outside by their teachers; parents & caregivers wait outside for pick up. See Dismissal In Bad Weather (below) for pickup instructions during bad weather.

Grades 2-5: In the schoolyard on Prospect Avenue rain or shine. Students are brought outside by their teachers; parents & caregivers wait outside the double gate until they see their child’s class. They then enter the schoolyard and exit from the smaller gate to their left.

Due to extreme traffic congestion on 7th and Prospect Avenues at school drop-off and dismissal, PS10 must inform all drivers that there is NO DOUBLE PARKING while picking up your children. Double- parked cars on both sides of Prospect Avenue block traffic and create DANGEROUS conditions for PS10 families, as well as for other drivers.

Dismissal in Bad Weather

DISMISSAL IN BAD WEATHER IS INDOORS FOR K & 1st Grade ONLY! Dismissal for K & 1st grades will be in the Auditorium in bad weather. Parents are asked to enter the Main Lobby and wait until their child’s class is released. When your child’s class is called you may enter the Auditorium and pick up your child from his/her class’s designated seating area.

Grades 2-5 will always dismiss in Prospect Avenue schoolyard, regardless of weather.

Academic Intervention

Some children in Kindergarten – 2nd Grades are invited to participate in an academic intervention program which begins at 7:45am. Students must be in the auditorium by 7:40am, or can be dropped off early for breakfast at 7:30am. Academic Intervention runs four days a week, Monday-Thursday. Parents will receive letters in their Yellow Folders letting them know if their child has been asked to participate in Morning School. Children who have been asked to participate in morning school should be in the Auditorium by 7:40am, so their classes can begin at 7:45am. Once a child has joined the program, he or she must attend on all four days.

Attendance & Lateness

Attendance is extremely important. If your child is ill and unable to come to school please send a note of explanation even if you have not visited a doctor, as all absences must be documented. In the case of a prolonged absence please check with your child’s teacher about the best way to pick up and turn in assignments. Students are responsible for making up missed instruction. If children arrive late they must report to the Main Office to get a Late Pass.

NYC Schools Account (Reprinted from

With a NYC Schools account you will be able to access key information about your child’s progress in school, including attendance, report card grades, general student information, and test scores (new) in one of ten languages on a computer, phone or tablet. To set up an account, you must be your child’s parent or legal guardian and live at the same address as he or she. If you have more than one child attending a NYC public school, you can link all of them to the same NYC Schools account.

You can register for a NYC Schools account in two ways:

  • Use the NYC Schools Account Creation Code provided in the letter from your school; OR• Visit your child’s school in person to receive a temporary password.

To register in person:
Visit your child’s school, or schedule an appointment to create an account. When setting up an account, be sure to bring:

  • A valid photo ID: (Passport, Driver’s license, State ID, or permit; IDNYC)• Your child’s 9-digit NYC student ID number (you can find this on your child’s academic records, including a report card). If you do not have your child’s ID number, ask your school. • A valid email address. Register for a free email address using Gmail, Hotmail, or Yahoo.

To register online:
You may also register online for a NYC Schools account without visiting your school. You will need your child’s unique NYC Schools Account Creation Code, which you received in a letter from your school and your child’s 9-digit student ID number in order to create a NYC Schools account or to add additional children to your existing account.

Backpack Mail

Flyers typically go home in your child’s backpack every day. School flyers, classroom news, and PTA announcements are sent home via your child’s Yellow Folder, which they will receive at the beginning of the year. (Homework is sent home in a Blue Folder.)


School Breakfast is offered free to all children from 7:30am-8:20am in the Cafeteria. Please note: Parents may not stay with their children during breakfast. Children will not be allowed into the building before 7:30am.

Class Parents

A PTA-sponsored initiative that helps communication flow within the school, Class Parents volunteer to assist their child’s teacher with various tasks, such as collecting a phone or e-mail list from the other parents, attending monthly PTA meetings when possible, being available to parents in their class for questions etc. via e-mail etc., helping coordinate grade-wide events like field trips and picnics, and helping coordinate Recess Volunteers. To sign up to be a class parent, email the PTA at:

Contacting the School

Call the Main Number (718) 965-1190, and press 5 for the Main Office. Visitors & Volunteers to the school must sign in and show photo identification at the Security Desk in the Lobby to receive their Visitors Pass. After signing in, parents are allowed on the First & Second floors only. The Main Office is in Room 212. The Parent Coordinator, Madeline Seide can also be reached via the Main Number, x2132. Also, if you need to reach your child’s classroom, you must call the Main Number.

First Fridays

On the first Friday of most months, families of students are invited into their child’s classroom from 8:20am until 9:00am to read with and to children, play math games or to participate in class work. Parents are required to sign in and show proof of identity prior to joining their children in classrooms. Parents are also invited afterwards at 9am to join PS10 staff in the Cafeteria for a Parents Coffee to learn more about various school-related topics.

Health & Safety

PS10 has a nurse on duty during school days from Lutheran Medical on the Second Floor across from the Main Office. She can write prescriptions, vaccinate children and administer medications if needed. Parents whose children become ill at school will be contacted to pick up their child. It is important that parents and guardians supply the school with their telephone number and alternate phone numbers where a responsible party can be reached in their absence.


Please do not send a child to school sick. Parents are asked to wait until the child is 24 hours fever-free without the use of fever controlling medication before sending their child back to school. If the child has a contagious disease, such as chicken pox or strep throat, the school MUST BE NOTIFIED. When your child is well enough to return to school please put a note in their backpack explaining that their absence was due to illness.


In 2004, PS10 was the recipient of a Robin Hood Foundation grant, which provided us with a beautiful Library. Our Librarian, Ms. Joanie Terrizzi, cordially invites all parents to visit this invaluable resource. The Library will be open for families during after-school hours on a schedule that will be announced in September.


Children are NOT ALLOWED in the classroom while they have lice. The PTA helps the school organize head checks after school breaks. A professional lice removal company comes to quickly inspect each student. Lice checks will also be done as needed on a case by case basis. If a case of head lice is detected, parents will be asked to pick up their child from school that very day. Parents are also given directions for lice removal if needed. Children will be allowed to return only when they are lice free.


Lunch is served free of charge to all students at P.S.10. Children may also bring lunch from home. The school menus are sent home monthly by the Administration, and are also on the school website under ‘School Food’. The lunch period is 50 minutes and includes 25 minutes of Recess in the schoolyard. Our children play outside during Recess at all times of year (weather permitting) so it’s important that they are dressed appropriately for the weather. In winter that means warm coat, scarf, gloves or mittens, and hat if necessary.

New for the 2016-17 school year, there are three Lunch Periods, Lunch Period 1 (Grades K, 2); Lunch Period 2 (Grades 1,3), Lunch Period 3 (Grade 4, 5).


The weekly PTA electronic newsletter, PS10Newsflash, is the absolute BEST way to stay informed of all school-related events & issues and announcements. You can sign up at

Parent/Guardian Involvement

We believe that parent involvement in the school is an essential part of every child’s school success. There are many ways to help, including but not limited to: – Chaperoning a Class Trip – Volunteering at a school event or for a committee – Volunteering to help the school staff during Recess – Volunteering to work at the salad bar – Attending meetings: School Leadership Team (SLT), Executive Board and monthly PTA meetings – open to all parents/guardians, check the website for meeting times – Becoming a Class Parent (see Class Parents above).

Parent Coordinator

This full-time DOE position was created to strengthen school-based parent support as part of the City’s Children First initiative. Our Parent Coordinator is Madeleine Seide. Her office is in Room 213. Maddie attends parent meetings and events, and is a valuable source of information on PS10, the DOE and the Public School system in general.


Due to extreme traffic congestion on 7th and Prospect Avenues at school Drop-Off and Dismissal, PS10 must inform all drivers that there is NO DOUBLE PARKING WHILE DROPPING OFF OR PICKING UP YOUR CHILDREN. Double-parked cars on both sides of Prospect Avenue have been blocking traffic and creating DANGEROUS conditions for PS10 families as well as for other drivers. In addition, the police will ticket your car. To avoid this problem, we suggest that you arrive early enough to find a curbside parking space near the school, or take public transport.

Personal Property

All backpacks and outerwear must be labeled with your child’s name. The school is not responsible for lost or misplaced items. The Lost and Found is located in the school auditorium. The PS10 Administration advises parents that students should not bring a cell phone to school. However, if carrying a cell phone is necessary, it must be kept in the student’s backpack during the school day and accessed only after leaving school.

Photo Day

Photo Day is a PTA-sponsored fund-raiser that happens every year in October. Class pictures as well as individual portraits are taken. Volunteers are needed to help ready the children for photos. This year Photo Day is October 20th for PreK 280 and 5th Grade and October 21st for K-4. The PTA also offers a photo re-take day, to be determined, if your child is absent on photo day.

Photo Releases

The school asks that parents return the Photo Release form granting permission for their child’s picture to be published in electronic or print format.

PS10 Merchandise

During the school year at various events there will be PS10 merchandise available for sale. This varies from year to year, and has included apparel (t-shirts, sweatshirts), hats, water bottles and tote bags. Parent volunteers are needed to help sell items at events. (see PTA section below for more details)

PS10 Website

The PS10 website can be found at The website is the best place to keep up to date about PS10 and PTA announcements, and to find information about the school and the PTA. Check the site regularly for school news, sign up for our electronic weekly PS10 Newsflash, get updates on PTA activities, access the school calendar (you can import the calendar into your computer’s calendar), sign up for lunch/recess volunteering, donate to the PTA, see which retailers give PS10 money when you shop with them, and register for Afterschool.


The Lunch period is 50 minutes, and includes Recess in the schoolyard. Our children go outside for Recess all year long (weather permitting) so it’s important that they are dressed appropriately for the weather. Again, PS10 PTA will provide Recess Coaches from our extended day line-staff to help facilitate safe play in the schoolyard. PS10 has more students than ever and the school still requests that parent/guardian volunteers help support the school staff during Lunch periods. Recess reminders will be sent out via Newsflash and Class Parents. Feel free to contact us at with questions or information on how to volunteer.

School Safety & Security

All Visitors & Volunteers to the school must sign in and show photo identification at the Security Desk in the Lobby to receive their Visitors Pass. It is essential for the safety of the children that we follow this protocol. After signing in, parents are allowed ONLY on the First & Second floors.

School Trips

During the year classes enjoy Field Trips. Permission slips will be sent home in backpacks – slips must be signed and returned the next day. Children are asked to wear their Yellow Trip Tees, which are for sale for $6 in the Main Office, or in some cases through your child’s classroom teacher. They are on sale in the Lobby several times a year during morning drop-off.

SLT (School Leadership Team)

All schools in New York State are mandated to have an SLT, whose purpose is to create the Comprehensive Education Plan (also known as the C.E.P.) and to make decisions about the budget that will allow the plan to be implemented. The SLT is a place where parents, administrators and staff members have an opportunity to communicate regularly and to share ideas. All SLTs must be 50% parents and 50% staff. The Principal, PTA Co-Presidents and UFT rep (or their designees) are automatically on the team; other members are elected by their constituencies at special meetings held for that purpose. Meetings are held every other week at school, and are open to all observers. Check the online calendar for the first SLT meeting of the year.

Monthly Meetings

The PTA meets on the 3rd Thursday of each month alternating evenings at 6:00pm and mornings at 8:30am. To make it easier for parents, the PTA provides free pizza and childcare for students K and up during evening meetings! Voting takes place at our monthly meetings, where we discuss school business and upcoming events and activities, as well as meet with the Principal. This is where we decide how to spend PTA funds. All parents and new ideas are welcome. The meeting dates are in the online School Calendar.

PTA Afterschool (PTA Extended Day)

The PS10 PTA Afterschool Program (PS10 PTA Extended Day) was created and is operated by our PTA and is a legal 501(c)3 nonprofit subsidiary of the PS10 PTA. It provides a service to PS10 families who need organized child care beyond the regular school day. This is our eigth year running the program. It is a massive undertaking for the PTA and we welcome parent input and involvement. Our goal is to give our students an opportunity to learn a craft, develop a talent or enjoy a hobby in the safe, nurturing environment of our PS10 community. Students are separated into age-appropriate groups. All our students are in the continuous care of PS10 teachers, co-teachers or outside teaching artists. See the ‘PTA Afterschool’ section of the website for schedules & registration. Or stop by the PTA/Afterschool office in Room 107.


The PTA sponsors a number of fundraising and community events not only to raise money to donate to PS10 so that the school can offer special enrichment programs such as the Met Opera, and to provide basic supplies and instructional materials to teachers, but also to create a strong school community. It takes a lot of work to make every event happen and to keep parents engaged and informed. We are constantly in need of volunteers for things such as Lunch & Recess, event planning and set up, communicating with parents, creating our PS10 Newsletters, lining up new donors, to mention just a few. See the information below on various events hosted by the PTA for more information. Even if you have only a couple of hours a month to give or if you work full time, there are still many opportunities to help out and often to work remotely. If you are a writer, you can assist with the newsletter or creating the Fall Auction catalog; if you are a graphic designer, you can create flyers to distribute to the parent body; if you love party planning, sign up to help coordinate a special event or fundraiser; if you are a web developer you can help up-date the website; and if you are a photographer, take pictures of events for the PS10 website or Newsletter. If you have an hour in the morning after drop-off, you can stop by the PTA room and help sort and distribute flyers to teacher mailboxes. Email if you would like to volunteer.