Schedule 2020-2021

Cohort A and B Calendar Comparison

Good afternoon families,

We have received many inquiries regarding the calendar schedule for Cohort A and B.  Due to the unpredictable nature of covid closures, it has been our intention to have an equitable amount of in-school time for our hybrid students.  We have tried our best to make it as equitable as possible and have provided a break down of days that we intended each cohort to have, how many days each cohort lost due to a covid closure and how many actual days in person each cohort have had.  Additionally, we have included the planned dates for the rest of the school year to show you the balance of actual days in person they will have.  It is our hope that we do not experience any future closures but as you know, it is unpredictable. 

You can find the details on our Schedule 2020 - 2021 Page

We thank you for your continued support and understanding.


PS 10 Administration


Cohort Schedule