Homework Policy

The purpose of assigning homework is to give children the opportunity to engage in critical thinking and to help develop good work habits. It is up to the student, family, and teachers to share responsibilities for homework.

Student’s Responsibilities:

  • Complete assignments to the best of your ability.

  • Bring your homework folder home and to school everyday.

  • Understand all homework assignments by listening in class, reading directions and asking questions when something is unclear.

  • Gather all materials necessary to complete assignments before leaving the classroom.

Family’s Responsibilities:

  • Provide a routine and an environment that is conducive to do homework (i.e. a quiet and consistent place and time, necessary materials etc.,)

  • Offer assistance to the student, but not do the actual homework.

  • Notify the teacher when the homework presents a problem.

  • Read school notices and respond in a timely manner.

  • Assist with backpack cleanups to help students keep organized.

Teacher’s Responsibilities:

  • Provide purposeful/meaningful homework.

  • Include clear directions and instructions.

  • Implement a system for routinely providing feedback and sharing work done at home.

  • Communicate to the student and family what is expected for completing homework successfully.

  • Communicate with families when students are struggling with homework.

Recommended Time Allotments for Homework

There is no debate that the time it takes to complete homework assignments varies from child to child. 

If your child attends to his/her homework, diligently, for the maximum allotted time (without lots of breaks and distractions) and does not complete it please have your child stop doing the homework. Write a note to the teacher explaining the situation. If a pattern persists, please set up a meeting with your child’s teacher to discuss interventions.

If your child completes the homework very quickly and you believe more challenging work would be beneficial, please don’t hesitate to discuss this with your child’s teacher.  

Developing creative and meaningful homework assignments for our students is a priority. We are counting on your ongoing support and communication.

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