PTA Executive Board Minutes

December 10, 2019

PS10 PTA E-board Meeting Minutes // December 10, 2019

7:40AM​ Meeting Called to Order by Julie / Seconded by Jenn.

  • November 8th meeting’s minutes unanimously approved

  • Introductions for new members

  • Upcoming Events

    • Mets Fundraiser - Laura G put deposit down. Trying to start selling tix in April

      for end of may game. $42 per ticket, sell for $50-ish each.

    • Nets fundraiser that was December 1st raised $105.

    • Read-a-Thon update: AnnMarie Anderson

■ Make February’s 10 for 10 all about Read-a-thon. Just getting started with planning. Runs February 7th - March 7th. Materials need to go out in January. Theme this year is The Magic of Reading. On Feb 8th the Visiting Author Committee is screening A Wrinkle in Time, and then will have Madeleine L’Engle’s granddaughter will be speaking about the biography she did of her grandmother & signing books. Considering using Rooftop Films to put on the movie. Will assess whether we need pro film services once we see how the Craft Fair movies look. Reading Under the Stars is moved to Friday night March 6th, end of Read-a-thon. Might have a magician or other parent performer with a magic theme. Book swap, treats. 6p-7:30pm. Free event.

○ Holiday Craft Fair update: Carly Thomas

  • Need more volunteers for all elements of the Fair.

  • Got rid of child care, gift wrapping, fancy food concessions.

  • Photo ops with Santa & Snowman - Ralitsa will put a call out to class

    parents to wear the costumes.

  • Julie to trim back the volunteer spots in Konstella.

  • Jenn Cribbs can pick up the posters and banners, Carly will put them


  • Next year we can consider doing a vendor basket.

  • 22 vendors so far.

PS10 PTA E-board Meeting Minutes // December 10, 2019

■ Popcorn machine is broken; need to look into borrowing K280’s, might be possible for Donna to bring it by car from K280; Heather will check on the popcorn bags.

● Treasurer’s Report: Jenn Cribbs

  • ○  Proposed numbers will be updated to reflect actuals so we know how much

    we need to make for the rest of the year.

  • ○  We are in the black for December after paying to cover push-in teachers and

    receiving a donation from Extended Day, but will be in the red after paying

    for MET Opera.

  • ○  We are at the same place in Direct Giving as we were this time last year.

  • ○  The Auction Gala made $59K, which is $9K more than we anticipated.

  • ○  Science Night made $640.

  • ○  Events that have no lead highlighted in red:

    • January Movie Night - There were 3 nights budgeted for the year, 2 were absorbed into other events. We will need to add one later in the year.

    • PS10’s Got Talent also has no lead.

    • Art Auction: We used to have art be a part of the Auction & Gala, but

      this year we separated it. We could drop this event, and adjust the budget. Laura suggested we could make it an evening event with wine & cheese where parents can bid on kids’ art, we have done in the past. To do this we would need permission from Central, Laura can request. Maybe make it a parent art and kids’ art auction.

  • ○  PS10 Store - Alex is moving so has passed reins to Carly & Jackie. We need to order more merch. The parent President at K280 may be able to help us secure affordable tees.

  • ○  Re: Holiday Raffle Baskets - Need to ask Cynthia if she can push back when we draw the raffle and not do it on the 15th on the day of the Craft Fair to maximize ticket sales. Jenn is going to make ticket purchasing available on Konstella.

  • ○  Happy Hours - AnnMarie will look into doing happy hours at Greenwood Park.

  • ○  Square - having trouble with service charges but working it out. Also looking at other payment systems. Laura is checking the Stripe fees, also checking with our bank.

  • ○  Extended Day is doing well, $47K in the black even without collecting all of their money for Fall.

  • ○  K280 set their budget for $30K.

  • ○  Net/net we are ahead of target in events and on par in direct giving.

  • ○  For January, Ann will look to create a KPIs / benchmarks report.


PS10 PTA E-board Meeting Minutes // December 10, 2019

  • Principal’s Report: Laura Scott

    • School’s construction authority has been coming in on weekends to assess

      the school. They found rodents on the 2nd floor, there are holes in walls &

      closets. They will be here the next couple of weeks.

    • Mindfulness has been working well, but we need to pay the invoice.

    • Meeting re: science on Weds. Right now, PTA covering half of K-5 funding for

      science. Need to determine what the plan is going forward. Need a 3-5 year


    • Math enrichment will be happening net week 3 teachers are helping out, 3-5

      first then trying to

    • Academic intervention is working great, music, Met Opera going well.

    • Professional development Thurs will be $8K but important, about integrating

      standards into the curriculum. Will be using 17 subs to not interrupt the day.

      Brain Pop show coming for the kids, like Jeopardy.

    • Recess is well-received.

  • ●  Old / new Business:

○ AnnMarie - PS130 and PS321 does holiday gift baskets for 90 families in their

school community. Is it possible to do a gift drive for families at our school? We can look at doing this next year. She’ll discuss with her contact at PS130 how they determine identifying families, etc. Laura can help identify shelter families.

● 9:10AM: Julie made motion to adjourn the meeting; Laura seconded.